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SAL Intern Summer and 2016/17 Season

Benefits of an internship
• Complimentary admission to events (exact ticket number based on scope of work).
• Connection to a network of imaginative thinkers, readers and writers.
• Mentorship from SAL’s professional staff
• Professional work experience and training

The SAL Internship Program
• Learn from SAL’s professional staff
• Gain valuable professional work experience and training
• Internships tailored to student schedules and needs whenever possible

The Role of Interns at Seattle Arts & Lectures
Volunteers and interns have continually played a vital and invaluable role at SAL in the achievement of its mission for nearly 25 years. Staff members are supportive of interns, receive them as co-workers, and willingly cultivate them by providing them with appropriate training and personal enrichment. Volunteers and interns are trusted ambassadors for SAL.

Interns accomplish a variety of important tasks while gaining insight and experience toward their future careers. Most interns will not only enhance or gain specific skill development in their area of interest, but will also enhance their project management, communication, and management skills.

Parameters of Internship
Interns' work is project based, and includes both project specific and day-to-day administrative tasks. If interns wish to receive academic credit for an internship, it will be the intern’s responsibility to make arrangements with his or her school. SAL will provide the necessary job description and performance review upon request. Interns receive no pay. However, interns may be qualified to receive letters of recommendation to potential future employers, in addition to board and staff recognition.

Time Commitment: SAL will make every effort to afford the intern the greatest possible flexibility in scheduling internship hours. The time commitment may vary according to the intern’s arrangement and request. A 3-month committment is preferred.

Planning for your Internship
When students contact SAL about an internship, they should have an idea about which department or program they might like to work in. Currently, internships are available in these departments:

• Marketing & Communications: writing, research, public relations, media relations, web development, visual communications

• Public Programs administration: event planning, writing, research, contract management support, volunteer support, operations

• Development: grant writing and research, event planning, ability to interact with visitors and donors, research, writing, sponsorship coordination

• Writers in the Schools: coaching students, reading and commenting on student writing, helping to plan culminating readings, and, in the office: mailing projects, research, writing, organizing evaluation materials, assembling displays of student writing, helping at student readings/events, and reading and/or typing student writing.

Upon receipt of application and resume, intern candidate will be referred to the appropriate supervisor. The resume should outline skills and work experience relevant to the desired SAL department. Typically, an initial phone interview will be given to determine a possible match. Following the phone interview, select candidates may be asked to interview in person with the supervisor.

Marketing/Programs Internships
Position Overview: Marketing interns will assist the Marketing Director and Associate Director with SAL’s promotion and sales efforts as well as event management. Ideal candidates will be energetic, inventive, hard working, web/social media-savvy, and brimming with ideas about creative ways to market our events and programs. While assisting with a wide range of projects, interns will gain hands-on experience and training in all aspects of marketing while also gaining a good understanding of nonprofit literary arts.

Intern responsibilities will include: 

• Contributing to SAL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presences.
• Updating SAL’s website with fresh and relevant content.
• Writing content for SAL’s website, blogs, printed programs, newsletters, and other emails.
• Reaching out to potential community partners for SAL events.
• Assisting marketing staff with tracking and archiving reviews, ads, and articles related to SAL’s media presence.
• Assisting in the production of press releases and promotional materials.

• Making sure that SAL events are entered into various online event listings.
• Assist onsite at events as needed.
• Answering phones and pitching in around the office with mailings.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications:

• Self-motivated, detail-oriented individual with excellent written, verbal, and organizational skills.
 Communication is key!
• Skill in coordinating and completing special projects and routine tasks.

• Excellent computer skills with experience in Apple, Microsoft Office and
Ability to work independently and with others.

• Dependability, flexibility, and ability to maintain confidentiality.

• Ability to work well under pressure and with deadlines.

• A passion for literary arts and contemporary literature preferred.

Writers in the Schools

Position Overview: Writers in the Schools (WITS) is a literary arts education program serving 25 public schools, as well as Seattle Children’s Hospital. The mission of WITS is to inspire student and teacher excellence in literacy and the literary arts, and to establish the foundation for a life-long commitment to reading, writing, and creative expression. 

Writers in the Schools (WITS) has three primary goals:

• Inspire students to engage in the writing process, build skills and improve the quality of their writing, and increase their self-confidence
• Invigorate the teaching of writing by providing teachers with innovative lessons and literature, fresh techniques, and the time and encouragement to join their students in writing
• Support and sustain a positive culture of reading and writing at each school

We are looking for folks to help us do all the behind-the-scenes work of implementing this arts education program, as well as to serve as an assistant to an established WITS writer-in-residence in the classroom.
WITS will hire one intern to work side-by-side with a WITS writer-in-residence and to assist the office with administrative duties.

• A commitment of six months, with 10-hour work weeks, and a regular schedule. We are looking for someone who can be in the office for a minimum of 4 hours a week.
• Collaborate with staff and other volunteers.
• Communicate with staff openly. Your ideas, comments and feedback are welcome. 

•Must possess a positive attitude, be flexible, friendly & courteous with guests and among peers.
•Must be a team player but able to work independently on projects.
•Excellent communication skills.
•Be able to troubleshoot problematic situations. 

Related Experience: Prior volunteer experience and/or education experience a plus. Demonstrated interest in creative writing.

How to Apply:

Send your resume and a letter explaining your background and areas of interest to This Link Requires Javascript.

Typically, an initial phone interview will be given to determine a possible match. Following the phone interview, candidates may be asked to interview in person with the supervisor.


Yusef Komunyakaa
Poetry Series, Poet Yusef Komunyakaa chats with a Writers in the Schools student reader. Photo by Libby Lewis
“Thank you for providing this rich cultural, spiritual, and artistic experience.”
-- Literary Arts Series Patron